XML Remote Phonebook

If you hope the IP phone can get the phonebook remotely, you can refer to the method below:

1. Please create the xml file, and you can refer to the below content to input your own information:picture

2. Please put the xml file into the update folder of ftp server or http server, and make sure your ftp or http server can work normally.

3. Please input the related information of ftp or http server into the IP phone.


phonebook name: you can name it as what you want.

server URL:, here is the IP address of ftp server, contact.xml is the file’s name.

sip line: you can choose the sip line that the phonebook will call out, if you choose default, it means the phonebook will call out through sip line 1.

authentication: it is used to LDAP.

user/password: root/root, the account of ftp server.

4.After you apply the setting, you can press the related key on the phone to get the phonebook.

OK->phonebook->remote phonebook->choose the phonebook name you create->enter.

The phonebook will display on the screen, if you hope to save the phonebook in your IP phone, you can choose the account you hope to save firstly, and go to option->find the option detail->OK->option->choose the option add to contact.

After that, you can find the account in the web page of your IP phone.


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