Q: Text to voice greeting cannot work normally, the error code is 20 or 21?

A: Please make sure you enable the DNS server, and the DNS can work normally. If the error code is still 20 or 21, please contact us and we will check if the server in our side doesnot work.

Q: If you are first time to use the IPPBX, how to change the IP address?

If the VX has FXS port, you can press the related key on the phone to change the IP address:*90192*168*1*100#255*255*255*0#192*168*1*1#0#, the format is *90+IP address+ netmask+ gateway+ DHCP (off or on) 0 means off, 1 means on.

Q: If one call has reached one FXO port, when you call it again, VX can forward the second call to the other FXO?

A: As usual, PSTN line can support one call at the same time. So firstly, you need to make sure PSTN line can support two calls at the same time, and you can ask your ITSP to set the call forward in their side.

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