VI2006 FAQ

Q: Is your VI2006 compatible with asterisk.

A:Yes, our IP Phone VI2006 could work with opensource pbx software Asterisk, Free PBX, Elastix And Any other IP PBX based on Asterisk

Q:How Many SIP Accounts do your VI2006 Supported

Our VI2006 could support 2 SIP Accounts.

Q:Does VI2006 Support IAX2?

Yes, when you use the IAX2 firmware for VI2006. After Upgrade, VI2006 could support 1 IAX2 Account.

Q:Could VI2006 Support Broadsoft SIP Platform?

Yes, we have many customer use our VI2006 working with Broadsoft platform, and it works perfect.

Q:What Codecs do VI2006 support?

Q:Our Phone could support G.711U,G.711A, G.722,G.723.1,G.726-32,G.729AB

Q:Could you IP Phone support WEB DIAL?

A:Yes, our VI2006 could support WEB DIAL.

Q:Do your VI2006 Support Any CTI (computer telephone integration) feature?

A:Our Phone could support Action URL Dialing.

Q: What is the standard process for mass deployment of these IP Phones in remote locations?

A:Our IP Phone could support TFTP/HTTP/FTP Auto Provisioning Remote configuration.

Q:If we found any compatibility between my SIP server and your IP Phone, could you provide any software upgrade.

A:Sure, we are glad to work together to improve our Products’ compatibility.

Q:Do your IP Phone support Paging and Intercom?

A:Yes, our VI2006 could support that perfectly.

Q: Could your IP Phone support Peer to Peer Dialing?

A: Yes, our IP phone could support that, you could make 2 IP hone connecting with each other without IP PBX, just use Ip address dialing.

Q:Do you Provide any software upgrade for your Products?

A: Yes,as we could provide free firmware upgrade as we have update.

Q:Does the IP phone support phone book?


Q:Can the IP phone difference the ring tone from the internal calls and external calls?  (here the phone registers to the IPPBX )

yes, you can set it through the phone book, and make all the internal extensions have the same ring tone, and the rest calls which contain the external calls have the default ring tone.


Q: The IP phone always displays the information of unknown account like this, especially after reboot, why?


A: As usual, it is caused by the list record of broswer, you can clear these and we sugget you had better use the IE broswer.

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