VG2X VoIP Gateway FAQ

Q:Which gateway of VOPTech could have console interface?

A: Our VG2X,VG4X and VG5X could have console interface.

Q:How many FXO Ports are built in in This gatway.

A:Our VG2X gateway could 2 kind of configuration, they are 16 FXO and 24 FXO Hardware!

Q:Can I fax through an Your VG Gateway?

A:Yes you can!Our VG Gateway could support T.38, which could make you fax on IP Networking.

Q:What voice compression do VoIP gateways support?

A:Our VG Gateways will support standard codecs such as G.711, G.729A, G.723.1,

Q:Your FXO Ports of VG gateway support Polarity Reverse Detetion, Call ID Detection, Echo Cancellation and Second Dial Tone?

A:Yes. Our VG Gateway could support them perfectly.

Q:What types of applications are VoIP gateways used for?

A:Dozens. The three most common applications include:PSTN connectivity for your VoIP phone system Connecting traditional telephones to your VoIP phone system VoIP connectivity for your traditional PBX system

Q:Do your gateway support Routing?

A:Yes absolutely. That’s our super star feature of our Gateway, you could create a flexible routing rule to control the call.

Q: Do your gateway have any tool to debug?

A:Yes, our gateway could have WEB Page to show the status of the gateway. More over, our gateway could output the sip logs,which could help you to know how sip function in our gateway.

Q:I try to config your VG gateway with elastix pick up function, but fail. Any ideas?

A: Please add *8 value in Web config of gateway>>routing>>>Digit Map

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