The connection of two PABX

When you have two PABX in the different sites, you hope their extension can call each other, you can refe to the below method.

you can connect the gateway with PABX like this: 1

The related information is like this:

site 1: extension 6001-6009       site 2: extension  7001-7009

the call process is:

1. in site 1, when any extension of PABX1 dials the number starting with 7, the call will go out through FXO 1.

2. when gateway 1 reaches the call of FXS 1 ,  gateway 1 can transfer the call to gateway 2 through Internet;

3. when the gateway 2 receives the call from gateway 1, the call will go out through the FXO 1 of gateway 2;

4. the call will go to the specific extension of PABX2.

 At the same time, the call of site 2 is similar to site 1.






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