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How will the call of PABX work with VOIP gateway

As usual, we can connect the PABX with the VOIP device by the FXS or FXO, and how does the call work? here we will describe the different connections will have the different methods for dialing. Connection A: FXO of PABX connects with FXS of voip gateway. Here it is the outbound call of PABX. When the extension 7001 wants to dial the extension 8001, 7001 needs to dial 9+8001, here we assume 9 is the prefix which is used to call out through the FXO in the PABX, after that, the call will be transferred to voip gateway.       Here it is the inbound call of PABX. When the PABX receives the call from 8001 through the FXO, 8001 will hear the second dial tone firstly, then 8001 can go on dialing 7001, so 7001 will ring directly.     […]

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