Remote registration to Elastix

If you use elastix as sip server, and you hope your home’s phone can register to your office’s elastix, you can refer to the file.

The detailed steps are:

1.we need to create one sip extension 601 to test.

2. please go to PBX->Tools-> Asterisk File editor, and find the file  sip_nat.conf, input the below content here.


nat: it will make a switch between the public IP and private IP.

localnet: please input the private IP of elastix here.

externhost: please input the public IP or demain name of the router in elastix side.

bindport:the default sip port is 5060.

videosupport:it supports video call.

The rest settings defines the related parameters of video call.

externrefresh: if you input the domain name , not public IP above, you need to add it. 

Now you need click the save button to save it, after that, you need to click Reload Asterisk button.

2. please find the file rtp.conf using Show Filer, and modify the number of port like this:


Now you just need to save it by clicking Save and Reload Asterisk buttons.

3. you need to logon on the router in your office,and add the sip and rtp port of elastix.

The detailed operation :NAT/Qos->Port Range Forwarding

For remote registration and communication, please open ELASTIX SIP 5067 and ELASTIXRTP Port(10000-20000) in the router. Check the following router setting for example.


The port of rtp and sip must be matched with elastix. The last and the most important step is to click the Apply Settings button to save it.

4.please input the account which we create in the first step to the IP phone, and input the public IP or domain name of elastix, if it registers to elastix, it can call any number through elastix.4

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