One line for manager, one line for the other users.

When you use VX, if you hope that one PSTN line is used by the manager, the another PSTN line is used by the other users, you can refer to the file.

 the detailed situation is:

1. any calls from the manager will go out through line 1, and anyone calls line 1, the extension of the manager will ring.

2. any calls from the other users will go out through line 2, and anyone calls line 2, the extension of operator will ring.


The detailed steps are:

Firstly, let us set the outbound calls.

1. please login the VX, and go to Basic->dialing rule, then choose 9+the route to call out.


2. let us go to Advanced->routing.


Here we assume 200 is the extension of manager.


it means any calls from 200 will go out through FXO 1.

FXS   X    ROUTE   FXO   2

it means any calls from any users(except 200) will go out through FXO 2.


Secondly,  let us set the inbound calls, please go to Trunk->Analog trunk.


Here we need to input 200 as DID in line 1, and 201 as DID in line 2.

we assume 200 is manager, and 201 is the operator.

so any calls from line 1 will make 200 ring directly, and any calls from line 2 will make 201 ring directly.



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