non-admin access to all the recordings

After you enable the recording in the extension, you hope the user you create can access all the recordings, but they cannot change any settings of elastix, you can refer to the below setting:

 1. let us change some setting in the file index.php.

You can ssh to elastix, and input the command:
vi /var/www/html/modules/monitoring/index.php
the steps are:
(1). press i key;
(2). add the line like this here:
$esAdministrador = true; 


 (3). press Esc key, and then press :wq to save the setting.

2. let us create the user, which is used to access the recording.


here we create the account 7001, the Group is Extension, and the related extension is 7001. 
3. After 7001 login the web page of elastix, it can check all the recordings of all the extensions.


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