MyPBX connects with FXS&FXO gateway

If you connect the MyPBX with FXS&FXO gateway in the same network, you can refer to the below file:

Let us set the MyPBX firstly.

1. Please create one sip trunk.



Here is the IP address of gateway, and sip port is 5060, and we connect IPPBX with gateway through IP to IP.

2. We will set one outbound route.


When the extension dials the number starting with 9, the call will go to the trunk gateway, and 9 will be deleted before the call leaves the IPPBX.

3. Let us create one inbound route.


When the IPPBX receives the call from IP trunk gateway, and the callee is 888, the extension 502 will ring directly.


Let us set the gateway.

1. plesae input the IP address of MyPBX here.


auto sip port selection: 10

register server and proxy server: is the IP address of IPPBX.

2.  please register the FXS to the IPPBX.


501 is the IP extension of IPPBX, and you had better enable the option:

call waiting, CID on call waiting, call hold, caller transfer, Caller ID display, 3-way.

3. let us set the FXO.


we need to disable the registration, and set the binding number as 888 which is same as DID in the inbound route of IPPBX.

here 888 means when the gateway receives the call of FXO, 888 will be the callee when the call reaches the IPPBX.

Besides, we had better enable the option: caller ID detection, and echo cancellation.

4. we can set the routing like this.


IP[]     5       ROUTE     IP

it means any calls starting with 5 from the IP will go to the gateway( itself.

IP[]     x       ROUTE     FXO  1-2

it means any calls from the IP will go out through the FXO 1 and 2 in a sequential way.


What is more, if you donot need to use the FXS, you had better disable the registration option, and please disable the registration option in all the FXO.

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