Making Screensaver for IP Phone

Here we will modify the picture used for screensaver with the software PCtoLCD.


Step 1:

Modify the logo picture for the standby screen of IP Phones. The picture must be monochrome bitmap with the file name *.bmp. The size of logo depends on the IP Phones you choose.

Here is the specific introduction:

F62: 128×64

F58 & F52: 128×48

F62 is IP40; F58 is IP20; F52 is IP10.

Step 2:

Run the PCtoLCD.exe, and maximize the window for better observation.


Then click on “选项”,which means “Option”, setting the popup as below:


When finished, click on “确定 “, which means “sure ”.

Next, click on “文件 ” that means “file ”, and then there will pop a list; click on the second option of the list “打开 “, which means “open ”, then choose the modified file in the popup, and run it:


Step 3:

Click on “生成字模 “– “保存字模 ” at the lower right corner, which means “create matrix ” and “save matrix ” respectively.


Then please name the file “screensaver “, and save it with the type *.txt.


After this, please  find out the file that you just saved, and modify the file name as *.txt.

Below is the file finished.


Step 4:

Open the file screensaver.txt, and delete all the things in front of the first hexadecimal 0×00, and the last 0×00. After that, please press the key “Ctrl & S” and save the file.



Step 5:

Press on “Ctrl & H” to find out all the “{ ” and “} “, and replace them with blank.


ATTENSION: when you replace the {  and {, DO NOT input anything else to the column named with “替换为” in the popup, which means “replace with ”.

Step 6:

Add “{0×80, 0×30″ in front of the first hexadecimal 0×00 (If the screensaver is 128×48, do as the introduction. If the screensaver is 128×64, we may need to add “{0×80, 0×40″)


Step 7:

Please add } to the end of the file and then save it.


Step 8:

Please logon the web GUI of IP phone, and update the file in MAINTAINCE– UPDATE– Update Logo File.


If the update is successful, we will see the file screensaver.txt on web GUI as this picture shown below.








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