How to connect two elastix

If you have two elastix, and you hope the extension of two elatsix can call each other, and all the extension of one elastix can call out through the trunk of another elastix.  

The related information is as follows:



Let us set the server A firstly.

1.please login the server A to create one IP trunk, which is used to direct the call to server B.



Here context=from-internal means when server B calls server A, after recognizing IP address and sip port fo server B, the server B will have the same call authorization with the extension of server A.

2. let us create the outbound route like this:



it means when any etxension of server A dial the number like 8000-8999 and the number starting with 56, the call will be routed to the server B through IP trunk TO149.

That is all the setting of server A.



Let us set the server B, and the setting is similar to server A.

1. we need to login the server B, and create one IP trunk.



here we donot write the sip port, just because the default port is 5060.

2. please create the outbound route.



so when any extension of server B dials the number like this:  7000-7999, 57+any number, the call will be routed to server A through IP trunk TO211.

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