Elastix connects with AX100

Here we will describe the connection between elastix and AX100 in the LAN, and it is the related information:


we can realise it like this:

1. The extension  of AX100 and elastix can call each other;

2. The extension of AX100 can dial 57+any number, which will go out through the trunk of elastix.

     The extension of elastix can dial 56+any number, which will go out through the trunk of AX100.


Let us set the elastix firstly:

1. we need to create one sip trunk:


When the call from AX100 reaches elastix, the call will has the same call authorization as the extension of elastix, it means the call can call any extension of elastix and can call out through any trunks too.

2. let us create the outbound route:


when any extension of elastix dial the number 8xxx or the number starting with 56,  which will be transferred to the sip trunk(AX100).


Next let us set the AX100:

1. we need to create one IP trunk.




2. we will creat the outbound routes.


when we dial 7XXX, the call will be transferred to elastix through IP trunk.


Similarly, when we dial 57+any number, the call will be deleted 57 and then be transferred to elastix too. 

2. we will create the inbound route:


It means when AX100 receives the call starting with 56, it will be deleted 56 and then be transferred to the other trunk.

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