DSS key of IP40

As usual, the DSS key can be used like this.

Firstly, when the extension of IPPBX can receive multiple calls at the same time or when many people call the extension of IP40 at the same time, IP40 can pick up all of them, you can refer to the setting:

Step 1: please put one sip account in sip line 1.


Step 2: please go to function key.


we can set all the lines as line 1, it means:

when the first extension calls line 1, the led of line key 1 will blink in green, you can press it to pick up the call.

when the second extension calls line 1, the led of line key 2 will blink in green, you can press line key 2 twice to pick up the second call, at the same time, the first call will be hold.

if you hope to go back to the first call, you can press line key 1 for twice too.


Secondly, IP40 can monitor the status of any other extension, the setting is as follows:


(1). it means when 7001 is ringing, the DSS key 1 will blink in red, you can press the key to pick up it.

here **7001: ** is the code of directed call pickup in your sip server, 7001 is the extension you hope to pick up.


(2). when 7001 is available, the led will be green, you can press this key to dial the extenison directly;

(3). when 7001 is in one call, the led will be red statically.

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