Convert the file format to GSM

When we upload sound files to PBX210/PBX220, we will find that only the GSM file can be uploaded successfully. So here we are gonging to talk about how to convert the mp3 file into GSM format, and how to amplify the GSM file’s volume to meet our requirement.

Step 1:

We use the software WavePad as an example.We can download it via this URL:

Step 2:

Run the software, open the mp3 file that needs to be converted.

Step 3:

Click on File–Save File As, choose the file type: GSM and save it.



By now, we have finished converting the mp3 file to GSM file.

If the converted GSM file’s volume is not appropriate, we can try it like this:

Click on Effects–Amplify, there will pop up a window, we can set the value of the volume (range of the value:1-400), then click on Apply.




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