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Making Screensaver for IP Phone

Here we will modify the picture used for screensaver with the software PCtoLCD. Steps: Step 1: Modify the logo picture for the standby screen of IP Phones. The picture must be monochrome bitmap with the file name *.bmp. The size of logo depends on the IP Phones you choose. Here is the specific introduction: F62: […]

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Network Influence to the Quality of the VoIP Communication

Sometimes when we communicate on two different networks through voip devices such as IP phones, we may find that our speech probably is intermittent or we hear some acoustic echo. These make us feel a bad communication. That is because the quality of VoIP communication will be influenced by the network environment. We can test […]

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Call Park on UCM6104 and IP40

Here we are going to talk about the function of Call-park on IP phone IP40. Call Park can be used in such a situation, we are making a call but for some reasons we have to leave, and we don’t want to end it, so Call Park can work. In a word, Call Park means […]

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PBX220 Connect with VG3X-2S/2O Gateway by No Registration

We can connect the VG3X-2S/2O gateway and the PBX220 without the registration of the FXS port to make the functions below available: IP extension and the analog extension on FXS port can call each other; IP extension can call out via the FXO port; The analog extension on FXS port can call out via FXO port; […]

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Update firmware in post mode

If your IP phones is dead, you can try to update the firmware through post mode. The detailed steps are: 1. After you connect your PC with the wan port of the IP phones, please change local IP of your PC as, just like this: 2. please open the FTP server in your PC, here […]

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