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Convert the file format to GSM

When we upload sound files to PBX210/PBX220, we will find that only the GSM file can be uploaded successfully. So here we are gonging to talk about how to convert the mp3 file into GSM format, and how to amplify the GSM file’s volume to meet our requirement. Step 1: We use the software WavePad as an example.We can download it via this URL: Step 2: Run the software, open the mp3 file that […]

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Q: Text to voice greeting cannot work normally, the error code is 20 or 21? A: Please make sure you enable the DNS server, and the DNS can work normally. If the error code is still 20 or 21, please contact us and we will check if the server in our side doesnot work. Q: If […]

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Q:What Asterisk’s version does AX100 run? A:The newest firmware is Q:How many are the concurrent calls? A:8 concurrent calls G.711/GSM/G.722 1 concurrent calls fo G729 Q:Do your AX100 support IAX2? A:Right now, our AX100 don’t support IAX2 yes! Q:Is AX100 a media-gateway? I mean, is possible to connect trunks and devices with different CODEC […]

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