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Remote register to PBX210

When your PBX210 is behind the router in your office, and you hope the phone in your home can remotely register to PBX210, you can refert to the file. Here we need to make sure your router is using the statically public IP or domain name. The network structure is like this:   The related steps […]

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Call forwarding of VX IPPBX

If you hope the extension can forward the calls to any other extensions or your mobile, you can refer to the below file: In the VX IPPBX, there are two options of extension like this:call forwarding and forwarding number, please go to IP ext. or analog ext, and click the icon of the extension you […]

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Upgrade bin file to VI2007

If the firmware of VI2007 is 1.7, and you hope to upgrade to 2.3, you cannot upgrade it in the web page or post mode directly. You can refer to the below steps: 1.  upgrade the bin file in post mode; 2. upgrade the firmware in post mode; 3.  upgrade the firmware in the web page.   About how to […]

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Pick up of elastix

As usual, if the extension of your colleague rings, but he or she is not beside the phone, you can pick up the call. In elastix, there are two methods to pick up the call of anybody else: *8 and **. *8 is used when just one extension is ringing in your office. ** is used when some extensions are ringing at […]

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Remote registration to AX100

If your IP phone and your Ax100 are not in the same network, the IP phone can remotely register to AX100,  at this time,  your router which is in the same network with the Ax100 need to have the static public IP or domain name.  The related setting is as follows: Firstly, let us set the AX100. 1. […]

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Auto provision encryption of the IP phone

If you have a lot of IP phones, and you can configure them through auto-provision, and the IP phones will gain the setting from the server automatically. If you hope the file is safe when it is transferred to IP phone, you can encrypte the file. Here we use http server based on linux, and the detailed steps […]

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Call transfer of IP40 and VI2008

If you have VI2008 and IP40, you want to use call transfer, you can refer to the file. Here we use elastix as sip server, because the other server may have the issue, and firstly we need to enable call waiting and call transfer in both of the IP phone and sip server. In VI2008: About the blind […]

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Upload your own voice files to VI2008

If you want to upload your own voice files to VI2008,  and when the other user calls VI2008, which will ring in your ring tone, you can refer to the file. Firstly we need to convert the file format from mp3 to wav, and then upload the changed file to VI2008, and the detailed steps are: 1. please download […]

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Auto provision of IP phone

If you have  a lot of IP phones and you hope that all the IP phones can register the sip server, you can use the auto provision to update the phone’s setting, so you do not need to set the account in the IP phone one by one.  In this way, the phone will automatically gain the setting from […]

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The IP phone connects with FXO gateway

If you have 4 IP phones and one FXO gateway in the LAN, and you hope realize the function: 1. the 4 IP phones can call each other. 2. Any calls from the IP phone 1 will go out through FXO 1, any calls form FXO 1 will make IP phone 1 ring directly; 3. Any calls from the […]

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