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WX IPPBX connects with the FXO gateway

When we connect the WX IPPBX with the FXO gateway in the same network, we can realize the function like this: 1. The IP extension can dial 9+number, the call will go out through the FXO of gateway; 2. When anyone calls in the FXO of gateway, they will hear the welcome message, then can dial the extension.   For the setting, you can refer to the guide here: Let us try to set the WX IPPBX firstly. 1. Create one IP trunk for FXO gateway, here we connect the WX IPPBX with FXO gateway by IP to IP.   Registrar server: here is the IP address of FXO gateway. Trunk ID: you can input any number, as usual, we input 100. Username: the number is same as Trunk ID. Password: any digits we can input. Concurrent: it means how many calls can go through the ip trunk at the same time. Trunk type: if we choose DID here, we need to go on choosing the extension in the next option DID, it means when we call in the ip trunk, the extension in DID will ring directly. If we choose IVR here, we need to go on choosing the voice file in the next option greeting, it means when we call in the ip trunk, we will hear the welcome message we choose: 2. Create the dialing rule. Here in order to be convenient to control the call, we choose using prefix, and set the prefix as 9, choose the ip trunk we create. It means when any extensions dial 9+any number, the call will go out through the ip trunk 100.       Let us try to set the FXO gateway. 1. Set the IP address as the static, because the IP address is in DHCP mode at default. 2.Set the routing table. IP[] x ROUTE FXO 1-2 It means when the gateway receives any calls from the WX IPPBX, the call will go out through the FXO 1-2. FXO x ROUTE IP It means any incoming calls from any FXO will be transferred to the WX. 3. Set the inbound calls in the gateway. Here we choose Inbound handle as Binding, and number is the IP trunk of WX IPPBX. It means when the FXO receives any incoming calls, which will be transferred to the number 100.

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FAX to email in UCM

In the UCM, we can try to transfer the FAX to email when UCM receives the FAX. The related steps are as follows: We need to make sure the UCM can send email to our email. Here we take sina email as sender, in the sina email, we need to enable smtp service. After we […]

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Network Influence to the Quality of the VoIP Communication

Sometimes when we communicate on two different networks through voip devices such as IP phones, we may find that our speech probably is intermittent or we hear some acoustic echo. These make us feel a bad communication. That is because the quality of VoIP communication will be influenced by the network environment. We can test […]

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Call Park on UCM6104 and IP40

Here we are going to talk about the function of Call-park on IP phone IP40. Call Park can be used in such a situation, we are making a call but for some reasons we have to leave, and we don’t want to end it, so Call Park can work. In a word, Call Park means […]

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PBX220 Connect with VG3X-2S/2O Gateway by No Registration

We can connect the VG3X-2S/2O gateway and the PBX220 without the registration of the FXS port to make the functions below available: IP extension and the analog extension on FXS port can call each other; IP extension can call out via the FXO port; The analog extension on FXS port can call out via FXO port; […]

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Convert the file format to GSM

When we upload sound files to PBX210/PBX220, we will find that only the GSM file can be uploaded successfully. So here we are gonging to talk about how to convert the mp3 file into GSM format, and how to amplify the GSM file’s volume to meet our requirement. Step 1: We use the software WavePad as an example.We can download it via this URL: Step 2: Run the software, open the mp3 file that […]

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Caller ID of UCM

For the FXO of UCM, if you hope to make sure it can work normally, you can refer  to the below method: 1. we will do the ACIM detection firstly. 2. we will detect the PSTN line. if we just plug one PSTN line, we can choose semi-auto detect, and you can input your mobile […]

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MyPBX connects with FXS&FXO gateway

If you connect the MyPBX with FXS&FXO gateway in the same network, you can refer to the below file: Let us set the MyPBX firstly. 1. Please create one sip trunk. Here is the IP address of gateway, and sip port is 5060, and we connect IPPBX with gateway through IP to IP. 2. […]

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non-admin access to all the recordings

After you enable the recording in the extension, you hope the user you create can access all the recordings, but they cannot change any settings of elastix, you can refer to the below setting:  1. let us change some setting in the file index.php. You can ssh to elastix, and input the command: vi /var/www/html/modules/monitoring/index.php the steps are: (1). press […]

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