Call Park on UCM6104 and IP40

Here we are going to talk about the function of Call-park on IP phone IP40.

Call Park can be used in such a situation, we are making a call but for some reasons we have to leave, and we don’t want to end it, so Call Park can work. In a word, Call Park means that holding on the call and then resume it with another extension.

Of course, we need to enable the Call Park function before we apply it.


When we log on the web gui of UCM6104, we can see this function in PBX—Internal Options—Feature Codes, as the picture shown below.


For example, we are communicating between extension 1000 and 1001, extension 1000 is IP40, pressing #72 on 1000 then we will hear a number 701 ( Suppose that there is only one call-park otherwise it will be another number ). After the exension 1000 announced the 701, it will hang up by itself. Then  the call is parked on.

But even extension 1000 hangs up, the call is still holding on extension 1001. Then any extension registered on UCM6104 can dial 701 to resume the call.

As for the Parking Timeout(s), it means that if there is nobody picking up the call parking on extension 1001 within 300s, the call will be resent to extension 1000.


Also, IP40 can use this function through setting DSS key on the phone. We set DSS Key 4 as the picture below, the value should be 700 otherwise it will not work. After setting the Key value, we can operate on the IP40.


First, we will make a call between IP40 (here the number is 1000) and another IP extension (here the number is 1001).

Second,  we press DSS Key 4 on IP40 in place of pressing #72, then the IP40 will announce a number –701. After the announcement, it will hang up and the screen of IP40 will display ” Transfer Success “.

Third, we can dial 701 on any other extension so that we will resume the parked call.

If the parked call is not picked up by any extension during the Parking Timeout, extension 1001 will call extension 1000 again.



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