Q:What Asterisk’s version does AX100 run?

A:The newest firmware is

Q:How many are the concurrent calls?

A:8 concurrent calls G.711/GSM/G.722

1 concurrent calls fo G729

Q:Do your AX100 support IAX2?

A:Right now, our AX100 don’t support IAX2 yes!

Q:Is AX100 a media-gateway? I mean, is possible to connect trunks and devices with different CODEC and the AX100 will provide CODEC translation?

A:It could do that.But We don’t suggest you are using G.729 CODEC,this will take much system resouse.

Q:How does “8 other extensions” mean on Dashboard

A:Which means ,it could only support 8 follow me or things like that.Please check the following photo

Q:Does it support VoiceMail managing (e.g. log in personal VoiceMail by IP Phone, listen messages, etc.) by phone?

A:Right now, the latest firmware of our AX100 supports it,  you can refer to the file for details:

Q:The brochure says “Call Recording support”. Does it mean you can record-on-call, or that you can record/upload messages for IVR?

A:Yes!It could upload a IVR File or record and IVR File from a extension.

Q:Is possible to update Firmware? How?

A:Reset +Web update firmware, you can refer to the file:

Q:Can you send us the codes can be used with AX100 (e.g. dial # to forward call, 60 to make a All-Forward, etc.).

A:Right now, we don’t have this, in the future, we will add this and let you know.

Q:Does it support AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface)?

A:No we don’t support it.

Q:Seems AM100 support emails. Does it use SMTP server?

A:Right now, our AX100 don’t support it, it is desinged for future application.Future, we support it.

Q:If the above is true, what does it send by email (messages, CDR, etc.)?

A:CDR could only be seen in our WEB PAGE.

Q:Can I see CDR (Call Detail) by web page?

A:Yes. It could be seen in the web Page!

Q:Can you tell us the default Dialing Code (e.g. TtWwr for internal calls, trwW for outbound, TrwW for inbound).

A:Our guide could have how to set dialing rule.

Q:How about Toll Restriction? Does AX100 support it (e.g. avoiding to make International calls, etc.)?

A:Our guide could have how to set dialing rule.

Q:Did you test AX100 with all VOPTech IP Phones, right? Do you have a list with the supported ATAs and IP Phones from other maker?

A:Yes, it could work with our IP Phones an most of SIP Devices which support asterisk 1.8.x

Q:Is the menu only in English?

A:Right now Only English!If you get 100 PCS once, we could do OEM language for you.

Q:What does lan port function?

A:If you forget your IP address of AX100,you could use lan port to login IP PBX, the lan port ‘s IP address is fixed, and the default port is 9999, the IP is

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