AX100 Voicemail and recording

If you call the extension of AX100, and it does not answer, you can leave a message to him, and he will check it, that is voicemail we will talk about.

In the new version  5.5.3811.0 of AX100, we can realise voicemail and recording, and we have to plug the USB device, and all the voicemail and recording will be saved in the USB device.

The detailed steps are:

Step 1: if AX100 recognises the USB device,  we need to enable it here.1

Step 2: let us talk about the recording firstly.

please go to PBX General->Exetnsions->expert, and there are three options to set, which will be recorded respectively.


That is all the settings of recording.

Step 3: Let us talk about the voicemail.

1. please enable the option of voicemail(PBX General->Extensions->Basic).


2. we can access to voicemail through the IP phone(PBX More->Option->Hot Keys).


when you press 20 in your IP phone, AX100 will play the voicemail. 

If your phone supports MWI number, you can input 20 there.


So when you press MWI key on the phone, the phone will send 20 to AX100.

3. you can set the feature here, and when you hear the voicemail, you will hear more detaled information.


By the way, you can open the USB device to check the recording and voicemail(Utilities->Disk&Sharing).







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