Auto provision of IP phone

If you have  a lot of IP phones and you hope that all the IP phones can register the sip server, you can use the auto provision to update the phone’s setting, so you do not need to set the account in the IP phone one by one.  In this way, the phone will automatically gain the setting from server, and so you just need to change the account in server side, accordingly the setting in the phone side will change.

The detailed setting is:

As usual, there are mainly three methods(ftp, tftp, http) to update the setting, here we take http server as an example.


Step 1: Let us prepare the config file.

We can try to change the setting as what we want in one IP phone firstly, and export the config file here:


After that, we can edit the file, and make sure the version number is higher than the current version of ip phone we need to update, otherwise, the phone will fail to update.


we can check the current version of IP phone here:


at last, we will use the MAC address of IP phone as the name of config file, and delete the suffix .txt,  then put the file into the update directory of http server.




Step 2: Let us put the related information of http server into the IP phone.


Server Address: here we need to input the complete address of update directory, and make sure we can access the address in the browser firstly.

Config File Name: $mac, it means the phone will get the config file whose name is its MAC address.

Protocol Type: we use http mode to update.

Update Mode: we choose Update After Reboot, after the phone reboots, the phone will get the config file from the http server.



Step 3: we can try to reboot the phone, after that, if updating is successful, we can find the new version number here:



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  1. asmath September 20, 2013 at 9:34 am #

    how to update a lot of VI2006′s config only by one file at the same time?

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