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auto-update the phone book of the IP phone

If there are many Ip phones in your office, and you donot hope to write the phone book one by one, you can try to use the method below to update them.  The detailed steps are: step 1:please write some phone numbers you want in one IP phone.   Step 2: download the configuration file of […]

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3CX connects with gateway

Configuring VOPTech VG1X Gateway for 3CX Phone System IMPORTANT This device has been tested for Fax and Voice using firmware ” Rev″ versions available. 3CX Support shall require use of the above firmware to address support issues. Please note that you must factory reset the device before starting this procedure to reduce the possibilites […]

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Remotely register to VPX IP PBX

If your IP phone in your home wants to register to the VPX in your office, I hope this file can help you. Firstly, let us configure the VPX. logon to VPX browser(; go to System->Management; click the option Show Advanced Options at the bottom of the page; the input box on the left of […]

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How to use VC400A

After you install VC400A, in the following screen, click on Detect New Hardware, Elastix will then detect the hardware installed. You can check it as below: If all the installed cards are not detected completely, you can do it as below: Firstly, you can check whether power is on, if power is OK, you can see […]

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One to One between FXS gateway & FXO gateway

If you have just a FXS gateway, a FXO gateway and some analog phones, and you hope those analog phones call out through FXO gateway, you can do like below. For example: About FXS gateway: The IP address is; There are four FXS ports, which are respectively connected with four analog phones. About FXO […]

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Multi-site setting of IPPBX

Multi-site usually is used to connect VX and the other VOIP devices, such as another one VX, gateway or elastix. as usual, we just use these option: IP address, Prefix, Area code. Here we connect two VX as an example: VX1:                                                             VX2: About how to use the Area code, we assume that 12345678 is […]

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IP to IP call between the IP phones

If there are just some IP phones in your office, you can also make them call each other without IPPBX. Next there are mainly two methods to realize it:           1. Dial the symbol of IP phone.           2. Dial the IP address of IP phone. Firstly, let us talk about the first method. For […]

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Asterisk connects with multiple GOIP

The environment of network is: Two goip is in the LAN of the office, and asterisk is in the public internet. The IP address of them: asterisk: v.voptech.com two goip: and Our purpose is: For the outbound calls: When the internal users dial 91+any number, the call will go out through sim card […]

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