3CX connects with GOIP through IP to IP

The function we will realize is like this:

  1. Any extension of 3CX dial 9+ any number, the call can go out through any sim available card of GOIP.
  2. Any calls from any sim card of GOIP will go to the IVR of 3CX.

 The related steps are as follows:

Let us set the 3CX firstly.

  1. Please go to VOIP Providers->Add Provider.



Here is the IP address of GOIP.


Here we input 4, because GOIP4 have 4 sim cards, and we can call out through the 4 sim cards at the same time.


Here any calls from the GOIP will go to digital receptionist 801.


When any extension of 3CX dials the number starting with 9, the call will go to the GOIP after 9 is deleted.

2.  After we create the VOIP Provider, we will edit it like this.



Here we will input Authentication ID as 8001, and password as 123456.



Let us set the GOIP4.

  1. please go to Configurations->Basic VOIP, and input the related information like this:


Here we choose trunk gateway mode, and is the IP address of 3CX.

8001 and 123456 are we create in the 3CX.

    2.   Let us set the outbound route.


Here we do the same settings in 4 lines, and keep Dial plan blank.

      3.  Let us set the inbound route.


Here we do the same settings in 4 lines, and input 801 in the option Forwarding to VOIP number, it means any calls from any sim card will go to the number 801 of 3CX.


When the extension calls out through the sim card, if the mobile does not answer it and rejects the call directly, the extension still is calling for about 20 seconds, you can try to change the setting like this:


by the way,  when you call in the sim card and hear the IVR from 3CX, if you cannot dial any extension directly, you had better set the DTMF type like this:








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